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Contact Asia Pte Ltd – A Reliable Maid Agency for All Maid Matters



Contact Asia says:

“To all our valued customers… We appreciate your support over all these years.  Thank you for trusting us and appreciating us by your word-of-mouth introductions to your family and friends and your letters of personal recommendation, a very powerful and trusted tool that cannot be compared to mass advertising.  We appreciate your continued support and encouraging words.  Please email your comments to us: feedback@contactasia.com.sg.”




CH (Stathmore Avenue) says…


I have been a customer of Contact Asia since 2011.  The agency was recommended to me by my relative, who has a colleague knowing a Contact Asia staff.  I hired a domestic helper to assist in taking care of a family member.  Contact Asia staff were very professional and efficient in providing the necessary service. They also give sound advice to assist the client in making informed decision.  They have gained my trust in them in ensuring that all documentation will be properly done from the start till the end of the process.  It has never been an easy process for one who is looking for a domestic helper as there are too many uncertainty and concerns faced by a client. Contact Asia has helped to make the process seem easier and lessening a client’s anxiety with their professionalism.  Yes, I have confidence to recommend Contact Asia to my family and friends.




Mrs Seow (Marine Parade) says…


We have been Contact Asia's customer since 2006. My mother had used Contact Asia's services.  I need a domestic helper mainly for general house-keeping, including cleaning, cooking, laundry etc. We have used Contact Asia mainly for processing of work permit and passport renewal and home leave for our maid, Winnie. We have dealt mainly with Nikki at Contact, and have found her most helpful, efficient, and customer-oriented. I am impressed with Contact's open approach to their business, and general professionalism. It has been a smooth and pleasant experience. I can trust Contact! Nikki to deliver as agreed or promised. Yes, I have confidence to recommend Contact Asia to my family and friends.





Victor Lim (Telok Blangah) says…


I learnt of this agency through my sister and brother in law. They learnt of Contact Asia through their church friends.  I needed a domestic helper to take care of my mum who suffered from stroke.  I rate the staff at Contact Asia as very good for their professionalism and good service. They are very honest and thorough on the selection and interviewing process. 


Definitely, I am very pleased with their business principles and integrity of Contact Asia. They will explain and list down clearly all the charges and liabilities of the owner. The contract is very clear and detailed.  It was a very pleasant, smooth and positive experience working with Contact Asia. They are very systematic, clear, efficient, maintain contact and transparent.


You do not have to worry or doubt their honesty and sincerity. Engaging a helper can be a very tedious process because of the paper work and selection of the helper but with Contact Asia it is very comfortable and pleasant.  Yes, I will definitely recommend friends and family to use Contact Asia.





Wendy Lim (Bukit Batok Central) says…


I have been a customer for about 10 years.  I have 3 young kids and an old folk at home.  So far, I am satisfied with the business principles and integrity of Contact Asia.  Overall, it is a pleasant experience.  I would recommend if they (my family and friends) need to find a reliable agency. 





MG (Ang Mo Kio) says…


I have been a customer of Contact Asia for 2 years plus.  The staff are very patient and efficient.  Very helpful staff…  Staff Nikki was very helpful to pass me my maid’s documentation during her off duty.




Jimmy Teo (Bayshore) says…


We have employed 3 Myanmarese maids so far.  It was easy communicating with the personnel of your company.  Approachable & rational.  There is a willingness to help & assist.  They tried their best.  The contracts are clear & complete.  They abide by the government regulations.  They deserve to be recommended – as they do have good maids supply.





Grace P. (Serangoon) says…


I have been a customer for approximately 2 months.  The staff were professional and efficient.  My experience with Contact Asia is …So far not bad.





Ronald Deng (Bedok North) says…


I have been a customer of Contact Asia for one year. Was recommended by a friend.  I hired a domestic helper to look after my mother.    Overall, I would say that it was a pleasant experience and I would definitely refer to my friends. (which I have already did).





Serene Tan (Ang Mo Kio) says…


This would be my fifth year as a customer of Contact Asia!  I need to hire a domestic helper to assist with domestic cleanliness and take care of my younger daughter. 


Nicky in particular has been very patient all through, be it at the time of selecting a helper, settling in of helper until the renewal of work permit/ home leave!  Very pleasant, especially my interaction with Nicky; she made it all a breeze!

I have in the meantime recommended my cousin to Contact Asia and will do so in the future.





Fenny (Geylang) says…


I am very satisfied with your service and recommended friends to u.





Elizabeth Yu (Loyang Avenue) says…


I heard about Contact Asia through mutual friends, Jimmy & Phoebe.  Excellent.  Continue with integrity.





Brenda (Hillview Avenue) says…


I found Contact Asia (CA) by chance when I was looking to get a domestic helper in 2006. I engaged my first Phillipino domestic help from CA. It didn’t work out too well for me for this first case, as the helper wanted to change employer. CA found me a new domestic helper from Indonesia and she worked for me from Oct 2006 till June 2014.


CA’s staff are all highly professional, since my first time dealing with them since 2006, and I have recommended relatives and friends to go to CA.  The staff are always willing to put their best foot forward, service with sincerity and warmth.  All the administrative necessities were all properly done and clear explanations were given.


My experience with the first helper was that once she has decided to leave, no amount of counselling is going to change her mind. So it is best to let her go and find herself a suitable employer.


CA’s practices are transparent and straightforward, I find them very honest in their dealings. Based on the professionalism, honest and transparent business dealings which I had with CA in the past 8 years. The staff are always serving me with a smile on their face and their sincere and honest effort to help me get the helper suitable for my family.


CA is the first maid agency I used in Singapore and I think they will be my last too.  Would be great if your center can train the domestic helper to basic cooking lessons and the hygiene of food preparation before sending them to the employers, not sure if time permits, that will be a great helpJ.





Mr Tay (Bukit Merah) says…


I rate Contact Asia’s performance as Excellence in service level & knowledge.  I've engaged a lot of agency services over the years and so far Contact Asia's services are one of the best.  I would highly recommend to my family and friends.





Mr Pek says…


I have been a customer of Contact Asia for less than 3 months. I got to know this agency via a friend’s recommendation who is also Contact Asia’s customer.   Contact Asia is a reliable and responsible maid agency.  The services provided is good. The staff of Contact Asia is very patient, helpful and understanding  they always make an effort in understanding my requirements and best of all, very patient in listening and understanding as well.


The pricing and policies are indicated very clearly stated. There is no issue in getting refund at all. They are always very prompt and no excuses being cooked up like other agencies to avoid any refund…


Contact Asia’s practices are very transparent and straightforward. They are willing to counsel the maid should they feel home-sick. If they met with any health problem, they will also try their best to understand the situation and suggest the best solution to it.


 After-sales services is the best so far as compared to my previous agency. It is definitely above average after-sale service in Singapore. No doubt about it.





Christopher Soh (Upper Serangoon) says…


I have been a customer of Contact Asia for 1 year. Got the recommendation from a friend. I needed a domestic helper to care for my infant baby while both my wife and I are working.  Contact Asia staff are professional, honest and courteous.


Definitely worth recommending.  Yes. I am a happy customer.  It was both pleasurable and positive experience.





Kailing says…


“This was my first experience with Contact Asia. I got to know Contact Asia from the internet.   I have a good impression of Contact Asia. I am very pleased to engage their services.   The staff who attended to us provided good services. They were attentive to our needs, approachable and friendly.


They even went to the extra mile of getting feedbacks from their Indonesia agency about the maids that I was interested in. They also emailed me the bio-data of the maids for my family members to view before selecting.


The staff had made an effort to explain what were stated in the contract clearly and had answered to our queries well.  Contact Asia’s after-sales service is good and is up to my expectation. I had called them several times after I got my helper and they were amiable and answered all my queries well. 


I have good experience with Contact Asia and I will recommend to my family and friends. It is very important to find a good and reliable agency when employing a maid. Contact Asia’s staff is friendly and they provide good listening ears. They will try to understand your needs and make their best recommendation.”





Peggy Lim says…


“I have been a customer of Contact Asia for more than a year through recommendation by relatives.  They are very trustworthy & professional.  They will find out what I want and recommend me some suitable bio-data for me to refer. I am very clear with the policy and details in the contract. The staff really takes great pain to go through all details. I appreciate that.


 This maid of mine is working very well for me. I totally leave all housework including cooking and marketing for her to manage. 


Contact Asia’s after-sales services is Good! They will make a call or two to follow up with the maid’s performance and well being. This is beyond my expectation as most other agencies will not even do a follow-up call.  I will definitely recommend to others. They are very detail and professional.”



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